Haji Akbar Tajudin’s Credentials


Haji Akbar Tajudin bin Abdul Wahab

Vice President, Exploration & Production

  1. Over 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry
Designation / Year
Petroleum Engineer (1977-1981)
  1. Carried out reservoir engineering studies and field performance reviews of oil and gas producing fields in Malaysia
Head of Oil Development Unit (1981-1983)
  1. Supervised well proposals, field development plans and preparation of technical reports and development of new PSC models
Residence Engineer (1983-1984)
  1. Seconded to Exxon Production Research Company to conduct oil field simulation studies
  1. Participated in several major E&P projects involving gas conservation, gas cycling projects as well as reservoir classification and management
Chief Petroleum Engineer, E&P Division (1990-1993)
  1. Responsible for the management of oil and gas fields operated by other multinational companies such as ExxonMobil and the Shell group of companies in Malaysia
General Manager, Baram Delta Operations (1993-1995)
  1. Operated and managed 9 producing oil field operations with a total production of 120,000 bpd
  2. Involved in the development of new hydrocarbon within the existing fields which contributed to growth and sustainability of oil production activities
Chief Operating Officer (1995-1998)
  1. Managed producing oil and gas fields in Malaysia and Vietnam
  2. Responsible for development and production activities in Malaysia
  3. Involved in the development of the Ruby oil field in Vietnam
Senior General Manager, Petroleum Management Unit (1998-2003)
  1. In charge of E&P business development in Malaysia
  2. Part of project team that made oil discoveries in Sabah, Malaysia
  3. Involved in the decision making process for the drilling of exploration wells
  4. Negotiated several PSC deals with major oil and gas multinational companies to promote investments and facilitate discovery of oil and gas fields in Malaysia
Senior General Manager, Southeast Asia (2004-2006)
  1. Responsible for managing operated and non-operated oil and gas fields in Southeast Asia covering Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand
  2. Part of project teams that made oil discoveries in Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar
  3. Involved in the management and decision making process for the drilling of exploration wells
Senior General Manager (2006-2008)
  1. Led the joint venture management division
  2. Managed and safeguarded non-operated oil and gas fields worldwide
  3. Acted as director of several subsidiaries
  4. Representative in the operations committee meetings of subsidiaries based in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt, Algeria and Chad
  1. Continued employment on a contractual basis
  2. Led set-up of petroleum engineering division
Advisor, Petroleum Engineering Division (2010-2011)
  1. Established the hydrocarbon resource management centre for oil and gas fields
Head, Risk and Assurance, E&P (2011)
  1. Responsible for risk management activities within the E&P division and risk assurance activities to safeguard investments made by PETRONAS Carigali